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Turnout Gear

  • Morning Pride® TAILS™

    Morning Pride® TAILS™

    Honeywell Morning Pride® TAILS™ have been re-engineered using advanced patterning technology to provide a better fit, new features, and allow more range of motion and protection. The new Honeywell Morning Pride® TAILS™ have added new...

  • Morning Pride® EDGE

    Morning Pride® EDGE

    EDGE is made for the firefighter who wants the latest technology, yet wishes to keep a traditional cut. Proven and versatile in all environments, EDGE delivers the high level of performance you need to depend on. Advanced design meets classic styling...

  • Morning Pride® VIPER

    Morning Pride® VIPER

    When we set out to create the new generation of turnout gear, our designers searched the global garment industry for ideas that could solve a key design problem: how to make gear that delivers comfort and mobility without adding weight or bulk. We found...

  • Morning Pride® Pro Fit Pant

    Morning Pride® Pro Fit Pant

    Take comfort to the next level with our new Morning Pride® Pro Fit Pant. This modern design combines the best of both worlds – the tailored fit you have come to expect from Morning Pride, along with the mobility of an athletic cut. It’s...