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Snap-tite Hose

  • Snap-tite TPX HOSE

    Snap-tite TPX HOSE

    TPX HOSE 3-PLY NITRILE RUBBER ATTACK/SUPPLY HOSE Lean and mean, TPX is the ultra-tough municipal rubber fire hose—but without bulk and weight. Traditionally manufactured extruded hose can vary...

  • Snap-tite HFX HOSE

    Snap-tite HFX HOSE

    HFX HOSE EXTRUDED NITRILE RUBBER ATTACK/SUPPLY HOSE Maneuverable. Packable. Dependable. HFX’s nitrile thru-the-weave, rubber covered hose design utilizes both polyester and nylon 6.6 yarn in...

  • Snap-tite LD HOSE

    Snap-tite LD HOSE

    LD HOSE EXTRUDED NITRILE RUBBER FIRE HOSE Durable, dependable and better by design. LD is the high-end nitrile rubber covered fire hose manufactured using a unique process which permanently bonds the...

  • Snap-tite Kryptonite

    Snap-tite Kryptonite

    ENHANCED FLOW AND VISIBILITYON THE FIREGROUND LARGE DIAMETER POLYURETHANE SUPPLY HOSE Kryptonite™ LDH is the ultimate fighter, delivering maximum flow and high-test durability in a...