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Rope Bags

  • L-2 ROPE BAG

    L-2 ROPE BAG

    L-2 SEARCH ROPE BAG -(rope not included) Our newest search line bag is made of our new nylon 6,6 Iron-Cloth™ fabric for enhanced performance and durability. Designed to hold up to 200' of 9mm Kevlar line with rope ports at the top and...

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    MADE IN THE USA!! IMPROVED! With all the same refinements as as our newly improved rope bags, the Rope & Equipment bags have been enhanced with all new features including accessory pouches now feature zippered closures for securing even the...

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  • Water Rescue Throw Bag With 75' Rope

    Drawstring in one end with a web carrying and throwing handle. Opposite end has a grommet in the center. Contains 75 ft. of floating 3?8” polypropylene rope and a float. How to use: The initial throw should be made by placing your hand through the rope’s...

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