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Patient Transfer

  • Standard Front Standard Back

    Bariatric Transfer Sheet "The Big Roger"

    BARIATRIC TRANSFER SHEET "THE BIG ROGER" Constructed of two (2) layers of impervious 22 oz., nylon reinforced, vinyl that will not absorb body fluids. All weight bearing webbing straps cross through the middle of the device, where the patient's weight...

    $238.70 - $276.40
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  • Board Harness

    Board Harness With Velcro - Spyder Strap

    This board harness system is for securing a patient to a backboard. Constructed of nylon webbing with Velcro hook and loop closure. An adjustable spacer keeps the cross straps in place during placement and prevents all straps from falling together. We...

    $93.55 - $103.00
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  • C-Collar Storage Bag

    C-Collar Storage Bag

    This storage bag attaches to the inside of the backboard compartment door. Four size 0 grommets in the corners for attachment, pop rivets. Made of royal blue Cordura nylon. Made in the USA. SIZE OPTIONS - ADULT: Holds approximately 5 collars...

    $19.75 - $25.75
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  • Cervical Collar Carrying Case

    Cervical Collar Carrying Case

    Designed to hold a set of 6 cervical collars. It has a Velcro® closure and a web carrying handle. Made of Cordura® nylon. Measures 26" long x 10" high. Wt. 8 oz. Made in the USA.

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  • Set of 3 Straps Strap Up Close

    Impervious Backboard Strap

    These Back Board Straps are sold in sets of 3 and use hook and loop closure to secure your patient to the back board. 2” nylon webbing encapsulated with a thermoplastic polyurethane coating, which prevents trapping of body fluids or air borne...

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  • Open Stretcher Closed Stretcher

    Speed Stretcher

    The R&B Speed Stretcher is a flexible easily conveyable alternative to back boarding. The design is ergonomic, strong and durable, constructed of 22 oz. heavy-weight vinyl with hardwood oak slats positioned between two layers of material for superior...

    $341.85 - $410.85
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  • Red Stretcher Storage Bag

    Tactical/Emergency Soft Stretcher

    Designed with the intention of moving an injured person rapidly out of a hazardous or harmful situation. To use as a one-person drag, simply connect the black strap around the person's chest, grab the red web handles at the end, and go. The eight...

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