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    Streamlight Vantage II Helmet Light

    Streamlight Vantage II Helmet Light

    Vantage® II Ultra-Compact Helmet Mounted Light The next generation of hands-free lighting tools for the fire service and industrial market. It’s compact, powerful, shock-proof, and virtually indestructible!  High and low modes: High: 350...

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    Now: $81.99
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  • BlastMask


    BlastMask® Training Regulators attach to your facepiece and simulate real-world SCBA breathing without draining your cylinders, or your budget. And now with new enhancements, including a bypass valve and slide latch that mimics SCBA functionality,...

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  • FoamCan™ Stilwell/Siphon System

    FoamCan™ Stilwell/Siphon System

    The EZ Foam Integrated Stilwell/Siphon system is their flagship product. An intelligently designed system that allows a single firefighter to manage the foam pump / in-line eduction part of an operation. The integrated siphon requires no attendance and...

    $133.00 - $278.00
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  • EZ Spanner Mini-Goat Pocket Tool

    EZ Spanner Mini-Goat Pocket Tool

    The Mini-Goat Pocket Tool was designed as a multi-purpose tool to be carried in your pocket. It incorporates the EZ Spanner custom hook design, into a small, slim, hand tool. It is especially useful at a pump panel where it fits into tight compact spaces...

    $28.00 - $29.95
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  • Tool / Hose Bag

    Tool / Hose Bag

    The EZ Spanner™ tool / hose bag is made to complement the EZ spanner™ line of tools, and will also work for most of the common hydrant tools in the field.  The bag attaches directly to your supply hose with 3 Velcro straps, and will even...

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  • Breaker Bar

    Breaker Bar

    The slide on extension bar is a very useful accessory, and goes hand in hand with EZ Spanner™ Standard hydrant wrench and the “Billy Goat™” ratcheting spanner.  Made from high strength, solid aluminum, this tool gives you a...

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  • Non-Ratcheting Hydrant Wrench

    Non-Ratcheting Hydrant Wrench

    The EZ Spanner™ standard hydrant wrench is a brand new product in our line of tools.  This wrench offers 5 options for finding just the right size to get caps and valves opened.  The unique design puts 2 of the most common sizes at the...

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  • 2 Hole Ratcheting Hydrant Wrench

    2 Hole Ratcheting Hydrant Wrench

    The only Multi-Function “Ratcheting” fire hydrant wrench, fully customizable to any Fire District’s needs! The high strength aluminum body and stainless steel socket gears and cover plate, make this a HEAVY DUTY tool that is built to...

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