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      Grab Your Mic, Use It, Let it Go - It is right where you need it. Easily and securely attaches to turn out coat or air pack harness 400 degree F, V-2 Flame Rating Mic quickly and securely attaches to Mic Keeper with bungie Mic adapter 12 oz...

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    RECOMMENDED FOR LARGE FLASHLIGHTS ( 3C/4C ) Grab Your Light, Use It, Let it Go... Its Right Where You need It!   Simply extend the tether for easy use and eliminate the risk of loss or the need to re-clip flashlight.  Ideal when using your...

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  • MA COM P 5100

    Macom Custom Made 5100 Series Case – RTM-A200The Macom Custom Made 5100 Series Case by RadioTech is made of the finest full grain leather available in the USA.  Specially developed to repel moisture and resist scuffing, the hardy zig zag nylon...

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  • RadioTech Anti-Sway Stabilizer 9"

    With 1.5 oz. Heavy-Duty Swivel snaps rivet mounted to both ends it maintains the RadioTech Radio Case and Original RadioTech Radio Strap from swaying at the hip. By simply attaching one end of the RadioTech Anti-Sway Stabilizer to the “D”...

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    The RadioTech Original Communicator Style Radio Strap _ RTCOM100 The RadioTech Original Communicator Style Radio Strap is made from the original FDNY design, in service by FDNY for over 30 years. The advantages of implementing genuine RadioTech products...

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  • RT2- 4052 Mic Keeper

    Ty   Lapel Mic is securely attached to your epaulet.  Allows Mic to be securely extended for talking/listening, without the Mic being dislodged / dropped during a foot pursuit or arrest. There's no need to re-clip after use.   ...

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