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True North



    L-2 RIT BAG The newest addition to our LiteSpeed™ Rescue Series. Light, Fast and Durable.While you're here, checkout the L-2 RIT VIDEO (click on the Green Button below).Made with our...

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  • L-2 ROPE BAG

    L-2 ROPE BAG

    L-2 SEARCH ROPE BAG -(rope not included) Our newest search line bag is made of our new nylon 6,6 Iron-Cloth™ fabric for enhanced performance and durability. Designed to hold up to...

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  • T-1 RIT BAG - RED

    T-1 RIT BAG - RED

    T-1 RIT BAG - RED True North’s first RIT bag, the one that changed the expectation of what a RIT bag should be.  Updated with our new ultra tough Iron-Cloth™.  The T1...

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